The Butt of Sherry – Mere

The Butt of Sherry (wonderful name) is threatened with closure with the current owners having put up the pub for sale – Enterprise Inns. It has been granted an Asset of Community Value which means that the sale cannot take place for 6 months while the community works out whether it can be saved. This will a challenging campaign because there is another pub in the village. However it is an Inn – The George – and relies a lot on visitors to the area with 8 B+B rooms. So, it could be argued that the George is more like a hotel and that the villagers need a ‘pub’. The Butt of Sherry Preservation Society is leading the campaign making a strong case for it being central to the village community. The society’s next step is to ask villagers to fill in a questionnaire to ascertain the extent of the support they can expect. This can be downloaded from here as a possible model for other communities who need to take action to save a village pub.