A Friday in February – 6pm – The village pub as home from home

The main bar is crowded and overflowing into the snug with three women in the space in between the two bars with one of them breast feeding her young infant. Another regular single mother is with her seven year old son who plays chess with a much older friend/relative and football outside with him. The three women find a space in the middle of the bar with their two men friends and an eight year old boy. One of them perches on the piano and one of the woman chats to the lad asking him about his rugby interests and that one of them will be supporting Scotland over Italy. The breast feeding continues discreetly but in a group with the eight year old holding his father’s hand tightly and his father kisses the top of his head. One of the women with the baby group tells them she is off to watch Chelsea play Swansea with considerable enthusiasm. She looks up the position of Swansea in the league table on her phone for the eight year old. The babe, having been satisfied now chews his mother’s scarf.

Charlie, the older man is heard describing the state of the chess board game. The young chess player then demands his mother join him outside and she leaves her enjoyable pint. They return and continue to chat together. The father of the babe holds him and the eight year old sticks closely to his dad and the father of the babe kisses him and chats to his wife. We can hear the seven year old’s mother saying ‘If I take your bishop here you can take me with your queen’. The snug has an atmosphere of warm family life as Charlie asks how old is the babe – five and a half months is the answer and the chess discussion continues.

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