Another Friday in February – 7pm. The welcoming host

Wendy is good at welcoming people, with an instant warmth and intimacy that makes one feel good, recognised, included and embraced. It implies ‘we are here for you. We value you and we will look after you’ and customers know she means it. She, along with the rest of the staff, are the public hosts. Every table is booked. It is half term and Wendy welcomes the upsurge as it has been quiet recently and ‘things have been difficult’. People will go out saying ‘she was nice’ because it’s her job to make them feel comfortable. They feel welcomed and special. She puts people at their ease as she talks to them as if she has known them all her life. A customer asks her about the fish stew and Wendy talked to her for about three minutes about it. The customer may have anticipated she would not know and that was why she was so tentative but Wendy reassured them that she knew her business and her product.

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