Monday in early November – 6.30 – A new engagement in the Snug at the Woolpack

In the snug a woman sits in the window seat with a quiet dog tethered to the table. She is reading and viewing her phone. An elderly well-built man wanders in rifling among the papers and unsure where to plant himself. He ignores a corner individual settle and asks if he can sit at an adjacent table apparently not realising that someone was occupying it and he therefore asked the woman if he could sit at her table and she agreed. The man sat and said he was expecting a pizza and muttered on about not being able to find the Economist in the pub which is usually available. There is a short period of silence and then he asks her about her dog. Their conversation develops discussing it and his experiences with animals. She then offers him a drink after he has asked her if she would like some of his pizza. They continue to chat about her PhD in Planning in Japan. Apparently she is waiting to talk to Wendy and buys his drink of water with a card although the minimum amount is £5 but Anna relents. The woman has just got a job with the Gloucester Wildlife Trust. One wonders if she wanted to be left alone to do her business or did she want to engage with someone?’ The same could be said of him or did neither of them mind? Certainly they were well matched as they continued to chat about their lives. She wanted a meeting with Wendy but it turned out she had another comfortable experience as well.

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