Petition against tax rises on beer

Beer Duty is a tax paid when producing and selling beer, and is a calculation based on the ABV (alcohol by volume) of the beer. UK beer duty is already 3 times the EU average and the government plans to increase it, in line with RPI, every year for the foreseeable future. Pubs and breweries face a range of tax pressures, including Beer Duty, business rates and VAT. 41% of a brewery’s turnover is Beer Duty, and 43% of a pub’s turnover is beer sales. Simply put, any tax on beer is a tax on pubs. By writing to your local MP and signing the petition to cut the tax on beer, we can keep our local pubs communities, jobs and industries thriving.

Beer Tax Comparisons with some EU countries – Per pint of 5.0% ABV Beer: Germany 4.8p, Spain 5.1p. Belgium 12.2p, Netherlands, 19.3p, UK, 54.2p

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