The joy of a popular pub, on a wet weekend in June

There’s a party occupying the whole of the snug; another party drinking wine and occupying the middle staff bar and all the tables in the dining room are reserved for a party of 36 at 8pm. In the main bar a well-dressed foursome sup some wine and ale and at the other table a Spanish family of two parents and one child each focus on their own tablets together with earphones, the table covered in empty crisp packets and empty half pint glasses. The regulars and smokers sit outside as do some of the main bar drinkers who cannot find a seat in their bar. About 10 persons occupy some of the 6 or more benches under a covered awning adjacent to the pub on a terrace trying to avoid the showers. The kitchen cannot offer any small starters ordered by a regular couple because the kitchen is prepping for the large party arriving later. This pub is restaurant, bar, cafe, a walkers resting place, an outdoor revellers smoking space and a local history venue all rolled into one.

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