The pub as a haven

A woman comes into the ‘staff bar’ and says ‘hello darling’ to Wendy. ‘Which bottle will it be’ asks Wendy, ‘the Sauvignon Blank’ she replies and exclaims, ‘I need it’. ‘Oh dear says Wendy, ‘what’s up?’ I’ve just off the train from London and went to the stables and nobody has done the horses. So I set to and do that and when I get home I find my ex-husband sat in the kitchen chair chatting to my daughter. So, I’ve left them to it and will stay here until he’s gone’. Wendy asks if she wants a larger one and everyone laughs. Jack says ‘hello, how are you’ and everyone says ‘don’t ask’. Another friend arrives, gives her a hug and they exit for a welcome smoke. Pubs are also havens.

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