Village Pub Covid 19 Survival Stories

Colleagues, please feel free to comment on any of our posts during this period of Covid-19 restrictions. We are interested in any stories you have of local strategies to manage pub survival.
Secondly, we are able to log and archive any longer stories you have in addition to your brief post or comment here or on your Facebook and other social media outlets. A collection of stories and experiences may well lead to book or E Book publications in the future which may be of value for a possible return of the virus next winter.
You can send stories directly to our email account and we will review and publish them with your approval OR you can contact us directly to arrange for us to collect your stories, face to face or via a phone of digital connection.
We are keen to collect, archive and re-circulate any relevant material to village pub survival, so please feel to post, submit or contact us directly.

Rural areas have been hit particularly hard with 14 pubs shutting each week in 2012 and reported beer sales are lower than at any point since the depression of the 1930s. The presence of services, communal spaces and wider social activities is often tied to the presence of a pub in the area, particularly in rural localities. However, once a village pub is lost, while the location might remain, it is no longer a ’place’  Only half of rural settlements now have a pub.

There are many different survival strategies used by village pubs to ensure their survival and we would like to provide a space where these stories can be told or linked to relevant publications.

Contact to post your stories